Barre Harmony's

Referral Plus Program

Get rewarded for each and every referral you bring into Barre Harmony when you become a Referral Plus Ambassador. The Referral Plus Program is free to join for any member. Simply get paid for telling your friends, family, and colleagues about your experience at Barre Harmony and bringing them in with you to class. For each referral you will be rewarded based upon a reward pay list. Spread the word of Barre Harmony via word of mouth and social media. Once those clients come in, let us know that you referred them, you will then earn a percentage of their purchases in studio.

Referral Plus Program

Getting Paid to Workout With Friends

Working out with your friends by your side, what could be better? When you become a Barre Harmony Referral Plus Ambassador, this is exactly what you get paid to do. You get paid to workout with your friends and family. By spreading the word of Barre Harmony to your friends and family and having them join you in class, you will get rewarded. So not only do you gain great workout partners, you get rewarded from us as well! So what are you waiting for? Call us today or stop by in studio to get your free information packet to learn more.

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