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Barre Classes

Barre is for everyone.

Barre Class

All barre classes are 60 minutes long and REQUIRE barre grip socks (bring yours from home or purchase in studio). Barre is a ballet and pilates inspired workout that engages all muscles through small movements to tone, sculpt and strengthen your body. You do not have to have prior experience to take a barre class, all levels are welcome in every barre class offered at Barre Harmony. Join us at the barre and see what all the hype is about!

Getting Prepared for Your First Barre Class

What do I need for class?
Grip socks are required for each barre class. You can bring yours from home or purchase these in studio. All other equipment is provided for you in class.

What should I wear?
Please no shorts and no mid-drift shirts. Legging are preferred, since we will be working on body alignments it is easier to see and adjust your body in tighter fitted clothing. T-shirt, tanks and any workout shirt is also appropriate. Grip socks required. No shoes in studio.

What if I've had an injury?
Let your instructor know! You know your body better than we do, so please inform us of any concerns you may have so that we can give you modifications based on your needs.