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2 Weeks Unlimited


Expires after 14 days of first visit

First Class


To use for any scheduled class.


What do I bring to class? 

Yoga classes: Bring your mat, water bottle, and an open mind! Wear comfortable clothing that allows you to move freely. No shoes in the studio rooms. Kindly leave your cell phones with your personal belongings in our lockers or in the cubbies outside of the studio room.

Barre classes: Sticky socks (studio required socks)** and a water bottle. Yoga style pants, tights and capri pants that are knee length or longer are preferred. No shoes in studio, sticky socks required during class. Kindly leave your cell phones with your personal belongings in a locker or the cubbies outside of the studio room. 

**If you don’t own sticky socks for class you will be able to purchase them in the retail area in our studio. 


What kind of results can I expect to see from Barre classes?

We encourage our clients to attend classes 3-4 times a week for genuine results. With this level of participation, you should notice:

1. You are stronger after just one week!

2. Your pants fit better after two weeks! 

3. You may drop a size in about a month!

4. You will start to see increased muscle definition in two months!


Do I have to have any dance experience for Barre class?

Certainly not!  Barre classes are for everyone that wants to workout to fun upbeat music, move your body and just have fun!  Your instructor will be able to guide you through the movements and keep you motivated. There is no complicated choreography to follow. Believe in yourself, push your boundaries, and meet us at the barre and you will achieve.


I am not flexible, is yoga for me? 

Our yoga classes are for all levels of flexibility. You don’t have to be able to touch your toes or stand on one foot gracefully. The great thing about yoga is the ability to modify. Yoga is much more than doing a physical workout. It is about connection your mind, breath and body. Your instructors will guide you through your practice mindfully of your ability and strength. We are here to show you positions (called “asanas”) but also provide modifications from simple to more complex variations of the asanas. YOU are your best guide to your body. We respect the individuality and uniqueness in our clients.


What if I have questions about my classes/membership?

Any of our staff at Barre Harmony will be able to assist you with regards to your class packages or membership. Reach us at the studio in person, or by email, phone or through our Facebook page. We are happy to help and would love any feedback.

Our instructors are always eager to listen to our clients and can answer and questions or concerns either before class or after. We really want to give you a personal experience as well as giving you a sense of community in our studio.