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Deanna Purvis

Deanna discovered yoga almost 10 years ago at a hot yoga studio and was immediately hooked on the physical practice and benefits. She has since practiced at multiple studios and many different types of yoga. She decided to enroll in YTT (yoga teacher training), however she had no idea how profound this journey would be. Before YTT, she was mainly focused on the physical postures. During YTT she learned how to quiet her mind, mediate, and connect her mind and body. For her, Yoga is a lifestyle of living the Yamas and Niymas, meditating, and allowing her practice to guide her mind. As a teacher, she teaches for the clients and her hope is that she will be able to help every client that she meets. Her intention is to create a class environment in which each and every client can feels calmness, is able to clear the mind, and feel comfortable moving through the physical postures honoring their own body.