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Sydney WalshYoga Instructor

My yoga journey started out a little different than others. The first yoga class I ever took I did not like. At the time I was running, biking, weight lifting and the fact that yoga was trying to slow me down didn’t appeal to me. Then one day I hit a brick wall and stopped working out completely. When I was ready to move again, I was in a different stage of life. Pushing myself to exhaustion didn’t make me happy anymore. I was looking for something more than just movement, I was needing to rest my mind. After working at a yoga studio for 3 years, with having only done yoga a number of times, I decided to take their 200YTT. Yoga created the outlet I needed to rest and restore my mind. This is what drew me to the practice and why I teach, to get people out of their head and into their mind.Every class I teach focuses on mindfulness, connecting breath to movement and the reason behind it. Instead of teaching from my mat I walk around the room offering help to everyone with alignment, props and listening to their bodies. My classes are not just physically challenging but also mentally rewarding. Come and add some mindfulness to your yoga!