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Our Story

I was inspired to practice yoga as long as I can recall. As the years passed, I searched and searched for just the “right place” for me to practice. I could not find it. I envisioned a place where everyone is welcome, where men and women uplift each other, and where people gain a sense of community and belonging. A place where you are greeted by name when you walk in and are invited into conversation with a friendly face before the start of class. A place where there is a chance to make a difference in your body, your mind, your soul, and your community. A place to help make a difference for others.

Now, here I am. My husband, Larry and I decided to make this dream of mine a reality in the Summer of 2017. With the love and support from my family and friends we did it. My family and I are so excited to share our new studio with you. Thank you for joining me on this journey. Let’s make a change together.

Peace Love & Happiness
Kathi Harmon, Owner